Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4Tb GSR cold air intake installation guide

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4Tb GSR cold air intake installation guide


Below you'll find a full guide on how to install your cold air intake revision on your Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Tjet and MultiAir engines:

Required tools:

- Screwdrivers: Flat/Slot type screwdriver (up to 4mm) and Philips PZ1;
- T55 and T30 Torx heads;
- 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 13mm sockets.


1. Park the car on a flat, dry surface and secure it by engaging the hand brake (e-brake).

2. Set your steering wheels to point straight and open the bonnet.

3. Unscrew 4 large screws (T55) holding the bumper to the top bracket.

4. Unscrew 2 screws (T30, one on each side) holding the bumper to the quarter panel and 7 (T30) screws holding the bumper to the underfloor cover.

5. Unscrew 8 screws (Phillips PZ1) holding the bumper to the wheel arches (4 on each side).

6. Unclip the bumper: pull it towards yourself with slight force. There are 4 clips under each headlight, which keep the bumper intact. Don’t be scared to pull the bumper off until it unclips itself from these clips.

7. Once the bumper is unclipped, disconnect the fog light cable, which is located on the left hand side of the bumper. There is a connector, which has a security tab, that needs to be slightly lifted in order to unplug the connector.

8. Remove the bumper by slightly raising it upwards, until it sets free from the 4 locating holes on top panel (where the T55 screws were) and put it aside, preferably on some cloth, to protect it from accidental scratches.

9. Unclip all clips, securing the OEM plastic intake pipe’s smaller breather and vacuum tubes (x3 for MultiAir, x4 for Tjet): Use a flat screwdriver to insert it into the clip lock, then slightly twist it to unhook the clip. Then loosen and unplug all the breather hoses.

10. Unscrew two 10mm bolts, that hold the engine cover.

11. Tjet only: unclip the clip at the back of engine cover, securing the breather pipe to engine.

12. Remove the engine cover.

13. Loosen the clip securing the plastic OEM pipe to turbo and disconnect the pipe (but don’t remove it yet).

14. Unscrew the 10mm bolt, holding the air box to the chassis and remove the air box together plastic intake pipes.

15. Install the black plastic connectors into the GSR intake pipe.

16. Position the GSR intake pipe in the engine bay and mount it on the turbo. Secure it with a provided 50-70mm jubilee clamp. Don’t fully tighten the clamp yet.

17. Connect the 6mm turbo vacuum tube to the smallest plastic connector on the GSR hose. O clamps are required to secure either end of this connection.

18. Connect the 10mm vacuum tube to the smaller L shaped connector. In order to connect it easier, the other end of the rubber hose needs to be slid a bit downwards (by about 1cm). Use a 12-20mm jubilee clamp to secure the rubber hose to the L shaped connector.

19. Connect the 16mm breather hose to the L shaped connector (closest to the turbo). In order to fit it easier, slightly twist the hose on the other end (connected to the oil separator) counter clockwise. Be careful not to break the oil separator connector off. Secure the rubber hose to the L shaped connector with a 16-27mm jubilee clamp.

20. Insert the grey PVC air filter adapter into the GSR intake hose and secure it with a heavy duty clamp.

21. Unscrew the nut, holding the air filter box bracket to the chassis to expose the mounting stud.

22. Install the short side of GSR mounting bracket onto the heavy duty clamp and the long side onto the previously exposed stud. Position the intake hose by twisting it, so it won’t have any excess tension on it. In some cases the mounting bracket might need to be bent slightly, in order to get a better fitment.

23. Secure the bracket to the GSR hose with a provided M8 washer and an M8 nut to the heavy duty clamp.

24. Secure the bracket to the stud by inserting the provided M8 washer and using the nut, which was unscrewed in step no 21.

25. Mount the air filter onto the grey PVC adapter and tighten the jubilee clip with an 8mm socket.

26. Check if the GSR cold air intake is positioned properly – the silicone hose should not be bent, have any excess tension, or rub against any other parts. If all is ok, tighten the 50-70mm clamp on the turbo.

27. Tjet only: chose a suitable position to insert the provided breather filter into the 25mm breather pipe on the engine cover. It can be inserted either into the end of this hose (this way the car can be later reverted back to stock) or into any desired position, simply by cutting the hose at the required area and inserting the filter there. Secure it with a provided 25-40mm clamp.

28. Install the engine cover and secure it with it’s 10mm bolts.

29. Start the engine and do a sound check 😊

30. If all is ok and everything is tightened properly, mount the bumper back in place: first position it next to the car, connect the fog light connector and position the bumper onto the 4 mounting points on top of the radiator panel.

31. Gently push the bumper under the headlight on each side until the locking clips secure it. You should hear them click, once the bumper is inserted.

32. Position the bumper, so that the undertray goes on top of the bumper and secure it back in place.

33. Secure the bumper to the quarter panel on each side.

34. Secure the bumper to the wheel arch on each side.

35. Secure the bumper to the radiator panel with four large T55 screws.

36. Close the bonnet and do a test drive! 😊

37. Make a picture of your installation and share it on or GSR Facebook or Instagram pages 😉

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