FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

GSR induction kit and it's features and benefits explained

What is GSR induction kit?

GSR induction kit is a cold air intake (revision) kit designed specifically for a certain vehicle or engine model in mind. Unlike many universal air intakes, each GSR product is designed to fit a specific model only. This guarantees the best possible air intake solution for a given vehicle/engine.

What are the benefits of a silicone hose compared to OEM rubber?

A much longer life span: in most cases our GSR silicone hoses will even outlive the engine, on which they have been installed. Another benefit is the additional flexibility.

Do GSR induction kits require any modifications to the car?

No, all of our products are completely plug and play - you remove your old intake or hose and install ours. The process also can be reversed and you can always revert your car back to stock, if you ever need this.

What are the benefits of a cold air intake?

Cold air intakes are designed to lower the intake temperatures and provide better air flow for your engine. This is essential for any further engine modifications as well as the very first step in engine tuning. Most of our products are tuned to give power and torque gains at mid to high RPM range. Better air flow also directly results in better engine response and better fuel efficiency. As an added bonus there is also that distinctive sound, which GSR induction kits are known for.

What are the benefits of a silicone hose compared to other materials like aluminium or carbon?

The main benefit is a seamless design - with silicone you can have a single piece intake hose from the air filter down to the turbo/manifold. With any other material you would still have to use a silicone or rubber coupling to join it. And each coupling results in additional turbulence, which kills the air flow. Next, silicone is extremely durable and flexible, which means it's much easier to install. Finally, silicone does not transfer heat as much as other materials, so you don't have to worry about heat soak.