GSR Engineering has come a long way to become one of the best known air intake revision kit manufacturers among Italian and French car enthusiasts. It all started with a small Fiat Seicento's intake solution - at the time ( around 2009 ) there were no real intake solutions for these small cars, with the only ones on offer being a universal type kits. GSR developed a simple but clever solution not only to overcome the hot air problem, but also to increase the usable engine torque. What seemed to be a simple 90 degree bend, was actually a revolutionary intake solution, which became the best performing intake for these small engines! Each subsequent new product developed at GSR did exactly the same.

Unfortunately, after a few years, due to not becoming a fully legal company, incorrect management decisions, poor customer service and other crucial events, the GSR name was associated mostly with bad customer service, rather than anything else. By 2012 only a few did remember the industry leading products GSR had created a few years ago. It was all downhill from there...

In late 2012 Torque7 was presented and along with that, a new chapter for GSR has begun: on 12th of February 2013 a webstore, called was launched. In order to gain customer's trust, PayPal was chosen as a primary payment method, because of the many safety features it provides to their customers. As soon as orders started to roll in, a month later, Torque 7 was established a Torque 7 Ltd and registered at the UK's company register. GSR Engineering brand was once again alive and kicking. However, because of the negative feedback, that was accumulated during the previous years, it was extremely hard to regain the once glorious name among the car enthusiasts. Luckily, with lots of hard work, excellent customer service and products, which speak for themselves - Torque 7 succeeded and revived the GSR Engineering brand and again made it's products highly demandable.

A year later, the amount of orders was so huge, that it was too much for one man to handle and therefore a decision to expand was made. A rather odd solution was chosen - to establish a manufacturing facility in a small Eastern Europe country - Lithuania. And so on the 8th of January 2013, a new joint stock manufacturing company - Sound Of Performance Engineering, or "Sope" in short, was born. Production was relocated to Lithuania, Torque 7 UK was dissolved and JSC Sope was left as the main producer and distributor for all GSR products.

JSC Sope has improved the product quality significantly. Furthermore, the production time was also improved - from 4-6 weeks of waiting after the placement of an order, the manufacturing time was reduced to 1-2 weeks. And starting from 2019 this was furthermore improved by actually building a stock warehouse. Nowadays, most of our products are in stock and are available for immediate dispatch!

In 2022, nine years after Torque 7 webstore was launched, it made such a huge impact on the market, that many customers were confused in between two names - Torque 7 and GSR. Therefore it was decided, that there should be only one name, once and for all - GSR Engineering. So the rebranding process followed. If you are reading this, it means that you've already found and visited our new webstore. is still active and will remain active until the end of 2022, when it will be permanently shut down. By then JSC Sope will also have it's name changed to JSC GSR Engineering with a goal to further strengthen the brand image.

And speaking of goals, we at GSR Engineering have one and only goal - PERFORMANCE. No compromise. Small or big, each of our product will always offer some performance benefits. Be it a torque increase, or just a simple lifespan increase of a often failing OEM component. By buying any GSR product, you can feel confident, that it will improve your car one way or another.