Citroen C2 GSR induction kit installation

Citroen C2 GSR induction kit installation

This is a guide on how to install the GSR induction kit on all Citroen C2 petrol engines.

  1. Remove your old air box:

    • Unclip the hose attached to the filter by pressing the yellow button in and gently pulling off.

    • Unscrew the metal clamp on the air filter housing.

    • Unscrew the plastic screw at the side of the air box on the left. (This does not screw all the way round as its more of a clip. Half turn and it should release. Don’t force it or it will just sheer).

    • Unclip the front air intake pipe. It is simply clipped in a bracket, so just squeeze it off gently and release it.

    • Now gently ease the air box off the side of the engine.

    • It is recommended (but not required) to remove the battery cover casing and the circuit board to the left hand side of the battery, just to give you that little more room. (This helps, when getting the top bolt out of the gear linkage bracket).

  1. Remove front right wheel (make sure you secure the car on axle stands or similar safe supports!

  2. Take off the inner arch lining by removing the 8 plastic clips holding it in place. To remove the clips simply get a flat end screw driver and ease the pin in the centre of the clip out then it should release quite easily. Make sure you get the front two clips that are located under the front bumper as well.

  3. Remove gear selector cables from bracket behind the engine: Pop of the two gear linkage ball joints. These have clips at the top of them so simply squeeze the clips in and pull gently and the will just pop off.

  4. Take off the top and the rear upper bolts of the gear selector cable bracket and loosen the bottom bolt by 3 (three) turns. Note: do not completely unscrew the bottom bolt.

  5. Push the gear selector bracket back, to make space and feed the GSR air filter through.

  6. After the filter is fed through, put the gear selector bracket bolts back and retighten them and reconnect the gear selector cable.

  7. Feed the GSR induction pipe through and push the throttle body end of the GSR pipe further than the throttle body actually is (do not mount it on the throttle body yet).

  8. Connect the GSR air filter to the GSR induction pipe.

  9. Mount the GSR induction pipe on the throttle body. Before tightening the clip, twist the pipe hard at the throttle body, so that the bottom end of the air filter makes good contact with the engine and tighten the clip firmly. Connect the breather pipe.

  10. Reassemble everything in reverse order (wheel lining, wheel, battery tray etc.)

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