Peugeot Citroen 1.4L 1.6L blueHDI intake installation

Peugeot Citroen 1.4L 1.6L blueHDI intake installation

Below is a guide on how to install the GSR intake revision on Peugeot and Citroen blueHDI models.

NOTE: on some engine versions a remap will be required after installation.

  1. Unscrew the screws holding the top air filter cover.

  2. Disconnect the vacuum tube and MAF sensor connectors from the air filter cover.

  3. Unscrew the front intake pipe’s 10mm bolt.

  4. Disconnect the build-in heater element by pressing the tabs and remove the plastic intake pipe by pulling in away at both ends.

  5. Remove the top lid together with intake pipe, by tilting it up and lifting it away.

  6. Remove the original panel air filter element and discard it in an environmentally safe way.

  7. Remove both metal pin studs, that hold the engine cover and lower air box assembly.

  8. Remove the complete air box assembly by gently lifting it out of the engine bay.

  9. (Optional) Remove the cold air feed duct from behind the passenger headlight by pressing the middle part upwards and pulling out the plastic rivet. Then slide the slider lock on top of cold air feed towards back of car. The air feed duct can now be removed along with its piping.

  10. Remove the mass air flow meter (MAF) from the old airbox.

  11. Using the provided Mass Air Flow Meter (MAF) adapter, assemble the GSR induction kit in the following order:

    • Install the MAF sensor.

    • On the turbo side, mount the longer GSR silicone hose, that has a breather connector on it’s side.

    • On the air filter side, mount the shorter, elbow shaped GSR silicone hose.

    • Install jubilee clips (50-70mm) on both Mass Air Flow Meter’s sides to secure both GSR hoses on to it. Tighten the clips so that both hoses would hold firmly in place.

  12. Remove the small M6 bolt next the fuel injector and replace it with a supplied longer replacement (M6x30).

  13. Fit the provided bracket on to this new bolt and tighten in place with supplied nut.

  14. Place the complete induction kit into it’s place. Tighten it onto the turbo by using the supplied jubilee clip (50-70mm). Connect the heating element as required, depending on your car’s model:

    • For the 90bhp models, insert the metal part of the sensor into the small opening in the GSR pipe and by using the supplied jubilee clip (16-25mm) slightly tighten it.

    • For the 110/112 bhp models that don’t have the metal sensor insert, use a provided black plastic adapter (16-22mm) to connect the sensor.

  15. Connect the MAF sensor wiring and vacuum pipe connectors to the provided MAF adapter.

  16. Insert the grey PVC air filter adapter into the GSR pipe and by using the provided heavy duty clamp (80-85mm). Tighten it firmly.

  17. Attach the loose end of the bracket to the heavy duty clamp’s tightening bolt. Use a washer at both ends. Then tighten everything with a provided locknut.

  18. Next attach the cone air filter element to the grey PVC pipe and tighten it’s jubilee clip firmly.

  19. Reinstall the metal studs to hold the engine cover in it’s place.

  20. Reinstall the engine cover.

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