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Alfa Romeo Fiat Abarth 1.4 TJet & MultiAir cold air intake kit

Alfa Romeo Fiat Abarth 1.4 TJet & MultiAir cold air intake kit

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A complete silicone cold air intake - induction kit for the following Alfa Romeo and Fiat/Abarth vehicles, that are equipped with 1.4TB TJet or MultiAir turbocharged petrol engines:

Alfa Romeo:



Fiat and Abarth:

Bravo mk2;


Punto Evo;
Punto Evo Abarth;

Grande Punto and

Grande Punto Abarth;


  • Proper cold air intake, which draws air from outside the engine bay;
  • The only single piece kit on the market;
  • Designed specifically for these vehicles;
  • Replaces stock restrictive air box;
  • The only kit on the market that has a special step before the turbo connection to further improve air flow;
  • Made out of silicone – material that has almost no heat soak;
  • Designed to increase power and torque and to reduce intake air temperatures;
  • Adds a deeper, sportier sound;
  • Easy plug and play installation, which does not require any modifications to your vehicle;
  • 5 year warranty;


  • 1x Custom made GSR silicone hose;
  • 1x pre oiled cotton gauze performance air filter;
  • 1x PVC filter to hose connection insert;
  • 1x breather filter (Tjet only);
  • 5x different size hose clamps;
  • 4x (or 3x for MultiAir) different size plastic breather hose connectors;
  • 1x fitting bracket.

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