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DS3/DS4/208/308/508 HDI induction kit

DS3/DS4/208/308/508 HDI induction kit

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Worlds first full silicone air intake revision for the small Citroen/Peugeot HDI cars.

Developed with the help of the DS3 owners club UK, this silicone air intake kit fits both DS3 and 208/308 1.6L HDI, eHDI and even blueHDI models regardless of their hp and production year.


  • Designed specifically for these vehicles;
  • Made out of silicone – material that has almost no heat soak;
  • Replaces the stock corrugated and restrictive intake piping;
  • Adds a deeper sportier sound;
  • Designed to increase power and torque and to reduce intake air temperatures;
  • Easy plug and play installation, which does not require any modifications to your vehicle;
  • 5 year warranty;


1) Air filter pipe only: select this option if you want only to replace your OEM air box with a filter of your choice. Package will include only one intake pipe.

2) Air filter pipe + fittings + filter: select this if you want to replace the OEM air box with GSR silicone hose and GSR performance air filter. Package will include:

  • 1x Custom made GSR silicone hose;
  • 1x pre oiled cotton gauze performance air filter;
  • 1x PVC filter to hose connection insert;
  • 2x different size hose clamps;
  • 1x fitting bracket;

3) Both pipes without filter: select this option to get a full intake kit without the filter and any accessories.

4) Full intake kit: select this option to get the full intake kit, which includes:

  • 2x Custom made GSR silicone hoses;
  • 1x pre oiled cotton gauze performance air filter;
  • 1x PVC filter to hose connection insert;
  • 5x different size hose clamps;
  • 1x plastic breather pipe connector;
  • 1x fitting bracket;
  • 1x adapter (for blueHDI versions).

Should you want to order a front plastic pipe from turbo to MAF only, you can find it here:

At a first glance, the location of the filter (at the back of the engine bay) looks very unattractive. However, on these cars, the hot turbo and exhaust manifold is located at the very front, just behind the usually hot radiator. A solution would be to place the filter somewhere outside the engine bay, low in the wheel arch, but unfortunately there is an air flow meter (MAF sensor) that can not be moved from it's location. So a long hose from the filter to the MAF and back to the turbo would mean power loss. A rather unusual solution was to place the filter away from the heat source in a more cooler and vented area on these cars, just behind the engine. When driving, there is not much heat in that place, so the air filter draws in cool air.

NOTE: blueHDI kit requires a remap on some vehicles to function properly.

HDI and eHDI installation guide:

blueHDI installation guide:

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